We are very sorry to inform you that Crag To Vine had to shut down operations due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Thank you so much to everyone who joined us for a day of adventure!!

Crag to Vine began as a rock climbing + wine tasting adventure tour company that takes time to appreciate the finer things but has grown to be so much more.  Our goal is to connect people with the outdoors and expose our guests to new cultures and ways of life, while encouraging them to pushing their limits and learn how much they are truly capable of.  Whether it’s the wine culture, the rich natural and cultural history of a place, or the rapidly growing subculture of outdoor rock climbing – we hope that some aspect of our carefully crafted tours will educate and inspire our guests, even long after the tour has ended.

If you are unfamiliar with one or all of these facets of our tours, we very much look forward to the opportunity to expose you to something unfamiliar, and maybe even facilitate a shift from the unknown to a newly discovered passion!

We now offer customizable tours where you choose from the following options:

Choose your activity: Hiking | Rock Climbing | Rappelling | Stand-Up Paddleboarding
And then how to wind down after: Winery | Brewery | Culinary

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly and we can custom-design a tour specifically for you!


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