We are very sorry to inform you that Crag To Vine had to shut down operations due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Thank you so much to everyone who joined us for a day of adventure!!

Our goal at Crag To Vine is that our guests leave each and every tour feeling fulfilled and like they’ve had a one-of-a-kind experience.  Our tours are designed to be multifaceted so that you never get bored, and gain a well-rounded perspective of the place where you choose to spend your vacation.

There are many ways we seek to accomplish this, but here are the four main categories of takeaways we hope you get from our active adventure vacations:

1.) Adventure

This one’s a given – it’s in the name!  But what we really mean here is that we want you to feel like what you experienced wasn’t exactly “tame”.  We want to take you beyond the boundaries of the normal afternoon stroll and show you just exactly what this world is made of, because it’s worth the effort to discover!

2.)  Personal Growth

We also hope to show you what you’re made of in the process.  Whether it’s rock climbing or hiking, our instructors/tour guides will use their expertise to determine just how much adventure is too much and how much is just right, then customize the experience to push you right to the edge of your comfort zone and, if you’re up for it, even a little beyond!  This will allow you to learn what your limitations and, more importantly, your strengths are. And not only will you reap the benefit of this, but so will the friends/family/loved ones you bring along for the ride. You’ll grow together as a group as you discover just how well you compliment each others strengths, and where you can help each other grow.  The best part of this process will be discussing the challenges you overcame over a nice glass of local wine or beer (or meal)! Nothing helps to process an adventurous and trying day like gathering around a table and hashing it out. In the skiing world this is simply known as après – the relax period after an activity.

3.) Culture

This is one of the key principles of what we do, and why we do it.  Anybody can take a group out hiking or climbing (well, maybe not just anybody), but we also strive to facilitate the discovery of the local culture by taking you around to learn about local winemakers/brewmasters and by introducing you to some of our favorite restaurants so that you get a rich and layered experience of the place you’re visiting.  And not to mention the discovery of the rapidly growing subculture of outdoor recreation and fitness (that is, if you’re not already familiar).

4.)  History

This goes hand-in-hand with the culture aspect!  Whether it’s visiting historical sites, or just having discussions while on the drive from one location to the next, we hope to expose our guests to a little bit of the history of the land we recreate on.  After all, we’re not the first ones to appreciate the majesty of these incredible destinations, and we want to pay respect to those who came before us.

So as you can tell, this is more than your average guided hiking trip.  We’re shooting for as “full bodied” of an experience as we can provide, and with this formula we know that you’ll be headed home with a new gleam in your eye and a fresh perspective, ready to discover what else is out there!

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