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To some, Arizona may seem like an unlikely choice for a destination tour involving wine tastings (wine in the desert?), but we have found central Arizona to be the perfect embodiment of what we aim to offer in our tours – great wine, great recreation and rich cultural history!  Here are just a few of the reasons why Arizona is the ideal destination for a Crag To Vine tour:

Just a taste of what central AZ has to offer!

1.) Unlimited Recreation

Central Arizona is an absolute hub of recreation.  Between Phoenix and Flagstaff is a veritable playground for all outdoor activities.  If you like hiking, there are a plethora of options ranging from the other-worldly granite dells of Prescott to the spirit-lifting red rocks of Sedona, and the mountain landscapes of Phoenix and Flagstaff.  

If it’s the thrill of rock climbing you seek then the posibilities are endless: welded tuff spires, granite domes, sandstone towers, pocketed limestone or even geometric basalt columns.  There is something for every type of climber in AZ.

The cycling in AZ can be incredible too, especially around Sedona. Not to mention the breathtaking lakes for kayaking and paddleboarding!  It can certainly be hot in Arizona in the summer, but nothing cools you down after a morning of climbing hard better than a dive into a deep blue lake!

Golden hour at Oak Creek Vineyard & Winery in Cornville, AZ

2.) Spirited Relaxation

Whether it’s a flight of the local craft beers, a tasting at an estate-grown winery or a meal of the best local flavors at a quaint restaurant Arizona can appease it all.

Wine in the desert?  Of course! Grape growing and winemaking began in the high deserts of Mesopotamia almost 6,000 years ago, and the Verde Valley wine region of central Arizona is the perfect climate to grow many varietals making it possible to taste estate-grown wines just 45 minutes outside of the adventure hubs of Sedona or Prescott.

If you’re more of a beer connoisseur both Prescott and Flagstaff host a wealth of local talent, as well as Phoenix, Scottsdale and Sedona.  Great local brews can be found all across the state!

Foodie?  You’ll be in paradise in just about any town we visit, as they all offer palette-enlightening culinary delights.

Montezuma’s Castle National Monument, just 30 minutes from Sedona, AZ

3.) Rich History and Culture

Arizona has no lack of depth when it comes to history and culture.  The native peoples of this state were some of the most ingenuitive and robust in all of North America.  From the Havasupai in the Grand Canyon region down to the Gila River community down near Phoenix, and the Yavapai and Apache in between, there is a wealth of rich history and native culture in central Arizona.  This history is an important part of not only the country, but also specifically the wild lands we recreate in. Because of this Crag To Vine tours make sure to take time to appreciate the people who first called these places home.

And as for cultural enlightenment, nothing will open you up like a look inside the vortex theories of Sedona! The culture of spiritual wellness here is like nowhere else on earth!

So as you can tell, Arizona is the optimal place for a well-rounded tour that will leave you feeling fulfilled in multiple ways.  Let us show you around one of our favorite places, and we guarantee you’ll see why we keep coming back!

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